Dr. Gordon is a brilliant physician who has 3000 pages on the internet.  You can key in your question to do a search of a particular health issue and you will find important information that can help you make informed decisions as to the path you want to follow.  Dr. Gordon is the one to consult with on orthomolecular nutrition questions.

CALL NATURES HEALING TOUCH for European Massage/Reflexology, and Muscle Release Techniques.  Colleen Ross is a licensed Massage Therapist who will evaluate your muscle stress and start you off with a massage that is only as deep as you want it.  I have had the benefit of her techniques and can tell you that your body will benefit from what Colleen can do for you.  Bravo Colleen, you really helped me.!!


“CANCER IS A FUNGUS” by Dr. Tullio Simoncini MD Pediatric Oncology (Italy) is a book that everyone should read.  I believe that he has found the answer to cancer.  His therapies have cured many in Italy over the years and are being used in many countries.  Check out his website by just using the keywords Cancer is a fungus.  You won’t be sorry, listen to his video conferences.  I am sure that you will be astounded as I was.

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There are a number of websites that can help you discover answers to some of your health questions and can guide you to a better understanding of how your body works.  Some explain the workings of light and the human body.  Others explain how frequency is part of the body’s signature on a cellular level.  I am sure that you will find these sites interesting and helpful.


Immune support and detoxification Fulvic and Humic acids highest parts per million reasonably priced


Detoxification of radiation and poisons


Immune support with Monolaurin (originator) can stimulate lower viral bacterial loads


This site will give you a good review on the physics of light in the human body. K.J. Dillon Ph.D. explains the nature of light in reasonably understandable terms.  It will give you an insight on just how necessary light is for the healthy functioning of cells on a biochemical level.  You will come away awed by how it helps you!

SOUNDS MADE BY THE BRAIN  can be duplicated and multiplied and applied to areas of your body that may be stressed from injury and or disease.  This is an old approach used in the past by veterinarians to keep an injured horse in training.  I have also been used by modern day health care providers to alleviate strain, sprains, and muscle and other body stresses after an injury or burn.  It can provide relief to those who have degenerative conditions at Light Works


This site will take you to Sharry Edward’s site.  Sharry is a brilliant woman who has spent the last 30 plus years developing an approach to the human body that is mathematical and stunning.  The low-frequency sound approach to health is her specialty and she is an excellent teacher of this cutting edge approach to better health